Daily Thought – November 6

Anyone can succeed – ANYONE!

Today, in what is potentially going to become an historical day, we are on the cusp of not only having the oldest candidate become the President of the United States, but we are on the cusp of having the first woman – and a woman of colour! – become the Vice President. The numbers are still coming in but the Democrats are definitely making the move upwards.

Both candidates are questionable for president – but I have to give kudos to Donald Trump for one fact and one fact only. Because of him, there was a record amount of people that came out to vote. And that is a great thing to see. If only Canada could do that.

Twelve years ago, we watched history in the making when President Obama became the first black President. Even four years ago, we watched history when a businessman with no political or legal background became President. So now here we are, with more history about to happen.

I am anxiously waiting to get the final results. But everyone out there – Republican and Democrat – tell your children that if they work hard enough, they can do ANYTHING! Become a President or Vice President – male or female – they can do it. They can succeed!

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