Daily Thought – April 18

Life is going by so quickly – I hadn’t realized I hadn’t blogged for three days until this morning!

I’d like to say that I’d been away on a glorious 3 day retreat somewhere but alas that is not the case. Work and general life issues have been dominating my time and I guess my mind needed a break. From everything.

My daughter and grandson have gone through some tumultuous days but things have settled down there, and I was able to spend the day with them yesterday, enjoying my time with them, and playing with my adorable grandson. This grandma definitely needed the baby cuddles!

Work is becoming a bit ridiculous – not the customers but the actual company I work for. I am contemplating my future and what it is I’d really like to do. I have many things in mind and have been spending time considering my options.

I also spent a good portion of the past few days worrying about my son – but that problem was resolved on Friday and now I can breathe easier for him as well. It is TOUGH being a mom!!!

So, on this Sunday morning, I am taking the time to say a little prayer and to be thankful that my family is okay, and that everyone is well. It’s the little things that I’m grateful for.

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