January 4 – National Trivia Day

I am a BIG lover of trivia – Jeopardy is one of my favourite shows to watch on TV, and I love Trivial Pursuit and any other games like that. I play trivia games on my phone too (among other games).

So let’s ask some trivia questions:

  1. What is the name of Batman’s butler?
  2. How many films did Sean Connery play James Bond in?
  3. In what year was Broadway established?
  4. In what country would you find Ostrava, Pardubice and Brno?
  5. What is the main ingredient of hummus?

These are fairly easy questions, and of course, no one would know if you decided to Google the answers! But I think that would take the fun out of doing a quiz, don’t you?

In celebration of National Quiz Day, why not pull up a quiz online, or turn on Jeopardy, and try your hand at solving a quiz! What will you do?

Jeopardy! - Wikipedia

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