What does metrication mean? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it defines it as: › dictionary › metricati…

 the change from measuring things in imperial units (= feet, pounds, pints, etc.) to using metric units (= metres, kilograms, litres, etc.):.

I started school in 1970. In 1975, the metric system was introduced. So I was taught in elementary school both the imperial system and the metric system. I grew up with both and I have adapted using both systems in my every day life. Most Canadians use both systems, but I think metric is much easier to figure out.

I use metric measurements for distance and snowfall, I use imperial for baking and for measuring my weight. I have grown up with Celsius and to this day cannot figure out the whole Fahrenheit scale. The only thing I know is freezing is 32, and anything over 90 is really hot.

The metric system, in my opinion, is much easier to use and understand. When I watch CNN or other American newscasts, they will talk about snowfall or rainfall with the imperial system. After the record snowfall this past week in Buffalo, NY, I looked up the amount in metric. They received 100 inches, or 254 centimeters!

And then I got curious and decided to do some Googling to find out how many countries still use the imperial system.

Three countries – that’s it. Only three countries in the world still use the imperial system. Myanmar, Liberia and the United States. What’s amazing is that the metric was created in 1795, and yet three countries still aren’t using it.

Many of my American friends think the metric system is confusing, and yet I feel that way about the imperial system. It’s surprising in this day and age that the States have not adapted to it. It must be difficult for Americans to travel to other countries, rent cars and not have the speedometers showing miles. As well as grocery shopping – the metric system is everywhere!

I wonder what it will take for them to finally introduce the metric system to their citizens.

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